Is Dating Really Just A Numbers Game?

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Unfortunately, for some people, it is. But it shouldn’t be.

You might be one of the many who think dating is just some numbers game you and your friends are playing (trying to surpass each other with how many men/ladies you have dated in the last six months); and then again, maybe you’re not.

But here’s a cruel reality that most people intend to overlook: the more you think of it as a numbers game, the lesser your chance will be at finding the right one for you.

You see, because of the rise of the countless dating sites and apps, many people see it as an opportunity to seek out and try building relationships with others in a trial and error basis to see whether or not they have a chance to be with someone for life.

The negative effect it has brought forth is that, a lot of people developed a way of thinking that if things don’t work out, there will always be another one to catch out there. This kind of thinking is the very reason why people may tend to invest less efforts and emotions to their dates (or the person they have romantic relationship with at the moment).

So that when things don’t constantly work out’ for them, it will eventually develop a very unhealthy input to the emotional side of a person—which makes him/her a less believer of love in the long run.


So what should be the right approach in dating?

You have to understand that collect and select’ is not a very good method to turn into if you really want to actually have a real relationship and romance in your life. If you resort to dating (as a trial and error theory of finding the one), you will later realize that you have cost more time, efforts, and even tears for the wrong person.

The only result it will lead you to will be the vague proximity of really finding the right one for you. The worst case is, it may steer you away from the right one, too.

How so?

Because you are excited with the idea of dating, you may be getting excited for the wrong reasons. You may also lose the true objective of dating. Why are you even dating a person in the first place? To try and prove if you have a chance with that person at something, like love.

But if your judgments are clouded because of the influence of those dating sites and apps (like if it doesn’t work out, you still have a lot of persons to choose from—then try again!), you might end up reserving a lot for the next person instead REALLY trying what you can with that person with you right now.

Makes a lot of sense, right?

In a large place like London, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to catch the right one. So take you time.

Dating shouldn’t be just some numbers game, sometimes you need to take it slow in order to understand what it really means, and what it can really give you.


Top 5 Restaurants In London

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Various events are taking place in London at all times but people always crave good food whether it is to celebrate the new developments or dismiss the small letdowns. Various restaurants not only cater to tourists but also offer different cuisines based on the mixed culture of people living in the city.

Based on the food taste, ambiance and popularity, I have listed the Top 5 Restaurants in London. The list spans a variety of cuisines and tells people about my favorite 5 places in London to eat.

1 – Talli Joe (Convent Garden):

This is my personal favorite when it comes to restaurants. It has a very well developed and refined menu which has been perfected for over two centuries since the first Indian restaurant opened in this region.

The chef Sameer Taneja is an exceptionally talented cook who can bring various flavors of the subcontinent together with a little version of his own in every dish. The ambience features large and open spaces painted with bright shades and a sign which says ‘Too fly to drunk roared the lion’.

The food comes quickly without making you wait for the delicious flavors. Various spices come with different dishes such as chickpea and banana blossom sliders which melt in the mouth or the crunchy Goan offal pickle along with different dishes.

The well-tried and famous dishes include stir-fried Chicken 21 or you can choose to go for the devilled quail egg along with cheese naan bread and the black carrot halwa which is often preferred by people for desert.

london food

2 – Ostuni (High Gate):

This restaurant remains high on my list due to its perfect and peaceful ambiance which goes perfectly with the simple food and earthly flavors which are served in different dishes here. The restaurant flaunts Puglian cuisine which consists of amazing seafood and roasted root vegetables. The menu is full of fish and meat which is cooked in a charcoal fired stone oven. The martinis are made like Italians and the restaurant also features different wines from Puglia.

3 – Morito (Hackney):

This North African and Spanish styled restaurant has been winning hearts around London for the past two decades. I love their simple taste and the relaxing vibe of the restaurant along with grand design which is admirable with all types of people. The slightly fried aubergine sticks which were poured with feta and date molasses and a simple stack of fried rabbit with rosemary and muscatel vinegar are my favorites on the menu. The signature drinks are made for easy drinking and refreshing tastes.

4 – The Lighterman (King’s Cross):

This restaurant is my favorite due to its wide space and exclusive food. The classics such as beer battered fish along with chips, ham hock and leek pie are the best and most famous options here. The kitchen also offers salads, chunks of Aberdeen Angus beef or octopus cooked over wood fired grill are also life-altering according to me.


5 – Som Saa (Spital Fields):

When talking about Thai food, the first choice which comes to my mind is this place. With a well experienced chef this place is all you need for perfectly balanced food along with variety of flavors. The soups are a delicacy and the salads come with extravagant flavors of pork or dry shrimp.